2. URL Forwarding

URL Forwarding har du inne på Din Side under Domener.

I Priority feltet har du følgende valg:

1 = Forward
2 = MASK
3 = 301 Redirect

11=Forward + Redirect to the exact URL
12=MASK + Redirect to the exact URL
13=301 + Redirect to the exact URL

Vennligst spesifiser en HTTP eller HTTPS URL. Hvis du spesifiserer en HTTPS URL, kan du kun forwarde URL-en og ikke bruke "MASK".

The difference between forwarding and masking is that forwarding will do a straight redirect to your site (301 eller 302), while masking will place your site inside a frame.  The advantage of masking is that your domain will have a friendly name visible in the address bar.  The disadvantage is that it is difficult for most search engines to index your site using your friendly URL.  The other reason both features are offered is because you cannot mask to an https: URL, those can only be forwarded.  This is because we do not have your site's SSL certificate.

In addition to forwarding, masking, and 301 redirects, you can also specify whether or not to route all requests to the exact URL you specify, or to have us automatically reparse the URL to it's final location (this is the default behavior).  If someone types or clicks on a link to http://www.domain1.com/support and your forward the request to http://www.domain2.com, with reparsing they would end up at http://www.domain2.com/support.  If you click "Redirect to the exact URL", they would simply go to http://www.domain2.com.


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