CNAME - Alias

CNAME-records are domain name aliases.

Often computers on the Internet have multiple functions such as web-server, ftp-server, chat-server etc.

To mask this, CNAME-records can be used to give a single computer multiple names (aliases). For example computer "" may be both a web-server and an ftp-server, so two CNAME-records are defined: "" = "" and "" = "".

Sometimes a single server computer hosts many different domain names (take ISPs), and so CNAME-records may be defined such as "" = "".

The most popular use the CNAME-record type is to provide access to a web-server using both the standard "" and "" (without the www). This is usually done by creating an A-record for the short name (without www), and a CNAME-record for the www name pointing to the short name.

CNAME-records can also be used when a computer or service needs to be renamed, to temporarily allow access through both the old and new name.

A CNAME-record should always point to an A-record to avoid circular references.

You can use the CNAME-record in the normal form or the raw form on our servers. The format in which to enter the data is as follows:

Standard form:
@ A

Raw form:
www 43200 CNAME
@ 43200 A

Where 'www' is a subdomain CNAME pointed to '@' which is an A-record for the root zone name. 43200 is the TTL in seconds.

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